Socioeconomic Status and Student Performance

  In August 2022, I started working on a project that investigated exploring a computer science student's socioeconomic status in correlation to their proformance in introductory computer science. I worked on this project with support from the Virginia Tech Computer Science faculty, specifically with Professor Margaret Ellis and my Ph.D. advisor Dr. Sara Hooshangi. In this study, we looked at how a student's estimated socioeconomic status, based on high school region, correlates with their likelyhood of passing CS1114, an introductory computer science course taught at Virginia Tech.

  Based on these preliminary results, we concluded that socioeconomic status may be an indicator of introductory computing performance. We published our findings in a poster titled "High School Socioeconomic Neighborhood Status and CS1 Performance" at the 2023 SIGCSE Technical Symposium.

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Flipped Classroom Behavioural Patterns

  In January 2020, I started researching a computer science flipped-learning classroom education tool used at the University of Toronto, under the support of Professor Andrew Petersen. This tool, known as PCRS, uses short coding exercises, multiple choice questions and video-based instruction to support a flipped-classroom programming course. Our research applies sequential pattern mining to behaviours identified in students log-data in order to understand common user behavioural patterns of PCRS. In order to fund this research, my advisor and I sucessfully applied for a University of Toronto Mississauga Undergraduate Research Grant.

  We were able to identify interesting and common use cases of this flipped-classoom tool. We published these findings in a poster titled "Exploring How Students Use an Online Learning Environment" at the 2021 SIGCSE Technical Symposium. At SIGCSE, I was awarded the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Award. This award is given to one undergraduate poster presenter each year at SIGCSE for an outstanding presentation and research significance.

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